Welcome to the relaunched Ongoing Conversion website!

I have wanted for a long time to have a site where I can write about my faith. Through many fits and starts, I have launched this website and subsequently taken it down, let it die only to hear the calling to resurrect it. So here we go again!

My desire here is to build a community, a fellowship of Catholic men and women who are on fire for the faith. A community that supports and educates each other willing to fight publicly for the hearts and minds of those who long for something more. There is a mutual need between Catholic men and women to support one another in our relationships and families. Husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers must be willing to work together to create the change that our society so much needs.

Ongoing Conversion will be that space where we can honestly and frankly discuss the issues that matter. Let’s face it, there is a battle being waged in the public square. Faith and religion are marginalized daily in this increasingly secular world. We must do more to give thanks for the many gifts that our Catholic faith as given us and society.

There are many reasons why many of us in the world today do not identify with a particular faith. We are busy and distracted. We don’t take the time to reflect on matters of faith. We must give witness to why religion is so capable of dealing with life’s challenges.

I hope that you will come along for this journey. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts here. Participate fully in the discourse, but do it politely and with respect. Let’s make the change we desire.

Will you join me in this fight?


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